Eyeshadow Glitter Palette 12Colors Matte Shimmer Eye Shadow Naked Palette


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UGS : 10183 Catégorie :


Product Description:

Efficacy: concealer

Color: 12 color

Shelf life: 3 years

Product weight: 95 g

Category: eyeshadow

Package Include:

1Pcs * Eyeshadow

How to use?

1. Using a brush dipped in a small amount of light color rendering, smear color from the whole eye socket, fade.

2. Use Eyeshadow stick want eyeshadow color. (also available directly to it the whole eye socket and finger temperature will eyeshadow from the roots of eyelashes to halo open) and color rendering changes from deep to shallow.


How to Choose Your Right Shade?

1. Fair skin- Pick a true red.

2. Beige skin- Try a coral-red

3. Medium skin- Go for brick red

4. Olive skin- Pick a red with pink undertones

5. Chocolate skin- Go for a purple-red

6. Coffee skin- Try a cherry red


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